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Lamaze and Linux

Oh boy… we are watching the lamaze videos. As opposed to taking the class. It was $50.00 even with financial assistance. So we opted for the videos from the library. 🙂 Tax payers dollars at work. Mine and yours!

So apart from my wife, pregnancy, and all of the other things of life… it seems I have found a new cool thing. Booting Linux off of a CD. Doesn’t change the hard drive… shows people how cool it is… and can be used as a complete system, or even a rescue disk. Okay… I’m a geek, I’ve been carrying a mini-distro on an 8cm cd in my wallet since yesterday. It isn’t that cool, but it’s neat to show it off to unsuspecting Windows users… HA!

The one I have been using is called LNX-BBC (Bootable Business Card)… it’s small enough to fit on one of those business card CDs. I’m bummed out because the web-browser that’s in it is way cheap. It’s called BrowseX, and it doesn’t do any modern web standards. Plus there aren’t many cool X-Windows apps… Definitely almost rescue-disk-only territory. So I have basically tuned out the idea of tiny distributions, and am downloading as I write this, Knoppix… it’s made by a German dude, and is supposed to be awesome. We’ll just see about that.

Alright… gotta go… more videos to watch!!!