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MBWE SSH access

Just setting up a My Book World Edition (1TB, WDH1NC10000) and would recommend the following steps after purchase for SSH access:

  • Login to the MBWE’s “Network Storage Manager” by typing the unit’s IP address into a web browser and then authenticating with a valid username and password
  • Click the “Advanced Mode” link
  • Click the “Advanced” icon
  • Check the “Enable” checkbox under the “SSH Access” area
  • Click the “Submit” button

Now SSH into the MBWE using the username, “root”, with the default password, “welc0me”. After logging in, be sure to change passwords for the root user by issuing the command, “passwd”.

A few other things I noticed were necessary, if you want ssh access via public key authentication:

  • Copy the contents of the public key file from the client (usually ~/.ssh/id_dsa.pub) to the MBWE on a new line under /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
  • Login as root to the MBWE and issue the following command in the terminal:
    chmod go-w ~/

    This was neccessary as when I tried to authenticate via public key, I was getting the following in /var/log/messages if I didn’t, “Authentication refused: bad ownership or modes for directory /root