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Sloppiness at 1and1

So I have been noticing issues with 1and1 again. Yesterday when trying to get into my hosting control panel at admin.1and1.com, I received a “HTTP Error 503 Service unavailable” error, and thought to myself… really, on the admin panel… really?

Today while checking out my own site, I noticed that all of the PHP files I tried browsing to returned “500 Internal Server Error” errors.

Now this has gone too far… so I called them up. At first the person I talked to explained that I needed to force PHP5 using a .htaccess file, and proceeded to tell me that they could make the change for me. Calmly, I responded by saying that I did not want a change, and that it had been working fine the way it was for months.

She put me on hold, and while I waited… it started working. She told me that the shared hosting server “had a glitch”.

Afterwards, I ssh’ed into my server. Look what I found:

(uiserver):uXXXXXXXX:~ > ls -al
total XX
-rw-r--r--  1 uXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX   16 Feb  3 14:06 info.php

I thought, “weird, I didn’t put that there.”

(uiserver):uXXXXXXXX:~ > cat info.php 

Shame on you 1and1, for not cleaning up after yourself. Well, I guess you get what you pay for.