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Mobile WebApp Frameworks

So I went digging for mobile webapp frameworks and found a nice list to investigate at a later time. While I’ve used iUI in the past, and it worked well for my purposes… I have read a few reasons why you may consider others (CiUI). Also, I seem to think that there would be some obvious advantages (and disadvantages) to using a cross-platform mobile webapp framework like PhoneGap and others.

Here’s the list I came up with:

I also wonder about any IDE’s out there, like Dashcode from Apple.

Update (2010-08-13). I just found this article: Announcing the jQuery Mobile Project

Once they get up and running, I imagine it will be a serious contender with the others.

Update (2010-08-18). Here’s an article from Mashable about some of the frameworks and libraries talked about above (and others): HOW TO: Make Your Mobile Websites Act More Like Native Apps